Automation Specialists

Manufacturing is reinventing the way things are made today, and much of that is attributed to automation. In the highly competitive global workforce, it’s essential to embrace and implement automation. Automation has become a part of nearly every step in the manufacturing process for our clients. Clarke Solutions works closely with our sister company, Acquire Automation, to provide automated systems and services within various manufacturing industries. As Clarke Solutions works closely with your engineering team, we can assess the needs of your line from start to finish and design, implement and test systems to automate tasks for maximal production and yield.

Our automation services can be broken down into three broad categories:

Manufacturing & Packaging Automation

Our staff has extensive experience with complete automation solutions on numerous platforms. Programming competencies range from simple revisions and upgrades to complete control-system design and implementation. Read More

Safety & Remediation

Manufacturing safety is a powerful tool to optimize your production environment and processes. Implementation of safety standards and technologies not only reduces injuries and downtime, but they also provide improvements in manufacturing productivity, efficiency and morale of your employees and customers. Clarke Solutions provides safety assessments and remediation that include equipment safeguarding, arc flash, lock out tag out, and overall safety of your personnel. Read More

Software/Hardware Testing

Our dedicated testing and verification team verifies software and hardware device products such as glucose meters, insulin pumps, and mobile phone interface applications that require strict adherence to FDA guidelines. Read More

Partnered with our sister company, Acquire Automation, Clarke Solutions stands ready to provide you with the automation support you need in the areas of manufacturing and packaging. Contact us or call 317.849.0330 today for a free, no-obligation assessment.