Software & Hardware Testing

Products such as glucose meters, insulin pumps, and mobile phone interface applications require strict adherence to FDA guidelines. For those needs, Clarke Solutions has a dedicated testing and verification team strictly focused upon hardware and software device verification. Our engineers provide solutions for manual and automated test development and execution as well as requirement and design support on your behalf.

Ensuring a reliable, high-quality product requires expert technical resources to manage, develop and execute verification testing. The combination of our experienced manual verification team and the unsurpassed talent of our automation team allows Clarke to provide our customers a turnkey, complete solution. Innovative solutions bred from decades of experience enhance reliability and reduce launch schedules. Clarke’s device software and hardware verification services include:

Manual Testing

  • Requirement/design support
  • Test method development
  • Test protocol development & execution
  • Ad hoc testing
  • Change management
  • Device/software issue tracking

Automated Testing

  • Automated test development
  • Test framework programming
  • Test stand design & build
  • Certified National Instruments Labview developers
  • Test-quest expertise

Test Tools

  • Agile software development methodologies
  • Custom test support devices/hardware
  • Custom application development
  • Test data generation
  • IBM rational tools

Clarke Solutions stands ready to provide you with the software and hardware testing for your new products. Contact us online or call 317.849.0330 today for a free, no-obligation assessment.