Manufacturing & Packaging Engineering

Manufacturing & Packaging Engineering

Engineering Solutions for Increased Production and Quality

Our core competencies are focused within the establishment of manufacturing and packaging uniformity, automated and precise production lines, and an in-depth understanding of the life sciences industry. Our niche solutions in the life sciences field are critical to SISPQ—Safety, Integrity, Strength, Purity and Quality. Our standardized processes ensure complex, automated equipment meets requirements and regulations and operates efficiently to deliver 100% compliant products.

Often, companies make the mistake of treating highly complex manufacturing equipment as “plug & play” – thinking it can just be installed and turned on in a new facility, almost as an afterthought. The reality is that there is a process to creating an optimized manufacturing line. A successful outcome must include a proper design process, well-planned equipment selection, expert implementation, and, of course, proper testing.

Our engineering team focuses on these core solutions:


Finally, your packaging problems are solved. Often, solutions are proposed by one company, using their own equipment. But why settle for a single manufacturing equipment supplier when you can have the best of the best from multiple manufacturers? Clarke Solutions’ independent voice enables you to obtain the best equipment selection and integration possible. We specialize in packaging equipment, materials design, implementation, and validation. Read More

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Complex pharmaceutical manufacturing problems are one of Clarke Solutions’ favorite challenges. Our experts support combination drug-delivery devices, aseptic processing and filling, oral solid dose/dry products, continuous processing, and more. Read More

Turnkey Line Integration

From initial justification and project design all the way through to validation, manufacturers need a team that can set up your line for success. Clarke Solutions provides experience-based, unbiased equipment selection and implementation with only your requirements in mind. Read More

Project Management

Complex projects need sophisticated, specialized management, and manufacturing line setup, upgrades, and optimization can often be extremely complex. Our Project Management Team brings together all the disciplines, knowledge, experience, and methodologies to efficiently and effectively optimize your manufacturing systems. Our core solutions include project justification, estimating, and delivery of the complete solution. Clarke Solutions’ highly sought after Project Managers are technical engineers, so they know and understand manufacturing/packaging equipment and processes to get the job done.

Clarke Solutions stands ready to provide you with the engineering support you need in the areas of manufacturing and packaging. Contact us online or call 317.849.0330 today for a free, no-obligation impact assessment.