In honor of the 5th annual Manufacturing Day, hundreds of thousands of people are gathering across the country to highlight manufacturing and energize the next generation of manufacturers. MFG Day, as it’s known online, provides students, parents, and community members with the opportunity to attend more than 2,600 open houses and events including plant tours and hackathons.

Can’t make one of these events? Here are 5 ways you can celebrate:

1.   Watch the “How It’s Made” marathon on the Science Channel.

2.    Join the Dream It. Do It. Ambassador Program. The program provides you with the tools you need to engage with students in your region.

3.   Learn more about Building A Nation of Makers.

4.   Check out the latest manufacturing statistics from the Census Bureau. The bureau began covering the manufacturing sector back in 1810 with its first Economic Census. The data shows the contribution of manufacturing throughout history.

5.   Contact us for a free consultation. What better way to celebrate Manufacturing Day than to hear about manufacturing solutions for your biggest roadblocks!