By Paul Edelman, Vice President at Clarke Solutions


1. You save big time.

Completing your line integration off-site can save substantial dollars by:

  • Keeping your old line running while the new line is being installed and debugged.
  • Minimizing issues that arise when working with multiple vendors. Instead, one company is responsible for the entire line and offers a turn-key solution.
  • Completing extensive commissioning and qualification off-site. This shortens the time spent on requalification of critical-to-quality requirements after it is installed on your production floor.
  • Minimizing travel expenses that come with testing your line overseas.

2. You significantly reduce downtime.

In our experience, downtime is generally reduced 50% or more by doing off-site line integration. By saving six weeks of downtime, you could save millions of dollars!

3. You can properly train operators and maintenance.

An off-site atmosphere gives operators and maintenance time to learn the equipment so they can get it up and running as fast as possible while minimizing the pressure they can receive when doing this on-site and on a tight timeline.

4. You minimize operational interruptions.

Finally, and maybe most importantly, there is significant reduction in your day to day packaging interruptions. First, the installation will take less than half the time. This means the segregation of the line and overall disruption will be reduced by that amount. Second, since all equipment has already been set up once and been debugged, there will be less contractors working in the area, less equipment modifications, less materials in the area and less engineers required to properly set up and test the line.

The next time you are scoping out a project to install a complete packaging line, consider off-site line integration to take advantage of these amazing benefits!